The Andrews Government decision to break up the CFA as part of the establishment of Fire Rescue Victoria is undermining the important work of the CFA & its volunteers.

We’re asking all Victorians to stand with the CFA and sign the petition to show support for our CFA volunteers.

The CFA is a proud community of highly trained volunteers – men and women from local communities who put their lives on the line to protect millions of Victorians.

Under the Andrews Government

  • The CFA has been gutted by a union-led takeover, putting Victoria at risk with hundreds of CFA staff being stripped out and volunteers being sidelined.
  • Twenty-two senior CFA leaders – including a Labor Minister – have now resigned or been sacked.
  • 5,000 CFA volunteers have left since the Andrews Government started its war on the CFA.

Our Plan will

  • Rebuild and restore the CFA as an independent, volunteer based, autonomous fire service.

  • Require the CFA Board to sign up to the Volunteer Charter.

  • Establish an independent Commissioner for Emergency Services Volunteers.

We will stand up for our trusted CFA volunteers who protect our lives and our homes.

We announced a plan that will guarantee to restore the Country Fire Authority (CFA) as an independent fire authority – one that respects the volunteers who protect our communities.



Authorised by Michael O’Brien 157 Spring Street, Melbourne VIC 3000.