We will rebuild and restore Victoria's iconic CFA

The CFA is a proud community of highly trained volunteers – men and women from local communities who put their lives on the line to protect millions of Victorians.

For 75 years the CFA has protected us in the face of bushfires and danger – from Ash Wednesday to Black Saturday and through to the devastating bushfires earlier this year.

Watch Michael O’Brien’s statement in relation to the CFA

The legacy of the Andrews Government

The current State Government has undermined the CFA as an independent, volunteer-based firefighting service with the commencement of Fire Rescue Victoria (FRV).

  • The CFA will become a second-class citizen, compared to FRV. Even the CFA’s leadership team will wear FRV uniforms – showing CFA volunteers who they really work for.
  • Twenty-three senior CFA leaders – including a State Government Minister – know this deal is bad for the CFA and refused to accept it. Each of these CFA leaders has now resigned or been sacked.
  • Under the Andrews Government, 5000 volunteers have left the CFA.

Our Plan to rebuild the CFA

We respect the hard work of the thousands of CFA volunteers across Victoria.

  • Our plan is to introduce legislation to restore the CFA’s power to select, recruit and manage its own staff and wear the CFA uniform. This legislation will enhance the CFA’s powers and responsibilities for the ongoing delivery of fire services in current CFA areas.
  • We will consult with Volunteer Fire Brigades Victoria (VFBV), CFA brigades and volunteers across Victoria to identify the essential powers, people and resources that are needed to rebuild and restore the CFA
  • We will require that all members of the CFA Board must sign up to, and be bound by, the Volunteer Charter.
  • Appoint an independent Commissioner for Emergency Services Volunteers with the power to investigate issues raised by volunteers, make recommendations on policies and practices, plus general dispute handling and arbitration powers.

We’re asking all Victorians to stand with the CFA and register your support for our CFA volunteers.


Authorised by Michael O’Brien 157 Spring Street, Melbourne VIC 3000.